Emergency Command and Control Center - 1990 Suwa Seriya Foundation

The 1990 Emergency Command and Control Center (ECCC) works 24×7 365 days of the year. The 40 seater call center currently handles 5,300+ calls per day, and have answered more than 3.7 million calls since July 2016, with 98.9% of the calls being answered on the 1st ring. Agents work on a shift basis at our end to end system driven Call center.
As a COVID-19 risk reduction procedure, a temporary call center was setup on a separate floor and the team is split into four small groups where the agent from one group will not mix with another.
Starting from the patient’s call, to assigning of an ambulance, to the point of the patient being handed over to the hospital, the process is monitored at the ECCC.
Three Call center Doctors (Emergency Response Center Physicians) are also based at the ECCC at all times to instruct the Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) on each and every case handled.
The ECCC practices failover drills every three months to make sure that each agent is ready to handle any unforeseen failure as needed.