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Who We Are and What We Do

The 1990 Suwa Seriya Foundation was established by Act of Parliament in 2018, and functions under Primary Health Care, Epidemics and COVID Disease Control State Ministry. 1990 Suwa Seriya provides island-wide, free pre-hospital emergency care to all Sri Lankans, with an average response time of 15:32 minutes.

Going beyond providing a basic emergency service, ‘1990 Suwasariya’ has embraced new technology in providing this remarkable service including a locally developed real-time vehicle tracking system monitored by the central command and control center, and an ambulance navigation and routing system for faster reach to the patient location. Importantly, all cases are followed up with the patient party 48 hours after the incident and a 24/7 police post is stationed within the control center for immediate communications with the respective police stations.


To improve access in times of emergency, the 1990 Suwa Seriya Foundation has introduced an emergency app on Android and IOS, allowing you to call an ambulance to your location with just a press of a button.

Covering All Island

Our 297 ambulances are strategically located in police stations across the island and are connected to our fast and efficient call centers that operated 24/7 to ensure your medical emergency receives the immediate attention it requires.

Message to Motorists

With our current average response time standing at 8-15 minutes, we believe in making sure that the patient is always transported to the hospital within the ‘golden hour’ to provide prompt medical care. The current critical challenge we are facing is adhering to the stipulated response time due to the obstructions caused by the traffic congestion on the roads. As a proactive measure, we have designed a campaign to affect a behaviour change of motorists by creating a renewed awareness on the importance of giving way to an ambulance as this is currently a pressing issue to reach the 8 minute response time. We will be collaborating with the Sri Lanka Police on this project and this large scale awareness will not only help Suwaseriya vehicles but all ambulances in general. Many responsible corporates have come forward to support this cause

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Mohan Gooneratne

Wow this is an exceptional service which is trying to expand its reach to help the public and be more efficient. The value of this service is only appreciated when one has to use it. | was an eye witness to this fantastic service when it was needed in an area where there was sparse cell phone signal and In spite of that they answered the call and came up to the top of Horton plains. Controlled the trauma of the patient and transported her to the Nuwara Eliya hospital all in about 45Mts. There is no questions this is one of the best things a government of the people has done for the people and one of the few things we can be proud of post 72 years of independence.

Gayan Ranasinghe

There was an emergency at my place right past midnight, called 1990 and they picked up the call and sent an ambulance within 7 minutes. | can’t thank enough the phone operator and the 1990 emergency team who came in the ambulance – saved a life. Truly glad at least a fraction of my tax money is spent on this. Can’t thank enough.

Priyanjali Fernando
4 Nov 2019
Called 1990 at 1.34 am, in less than 10min the Ambulance reached. Excellent service by the 2 officers. Prompt response (calls and update/follow up calls), Well equipped to check pulse and BP, Reliable information and guidance provided on aftercare. Thank you 1990 Team and the Ambulance service Team (Moratuwa) for such an Outstanding service!
Ravishan Silva
11 Nov 2019
Called them today morning around 3.30 am. They answered the call within 2 seconds and Ambulance reached within 10 minutes. Amazing service. Thank you very much!
Naduni Mandalawattage
25 Nov 2019
I would like to thank the Kottawa team for giving excellent emergency service. I couldn’t believe their speedy service. Well done!!! Keep up the good work.
Really great service.
Vinu Perera
8 Feb 2020
An excellent service.
I used their mobile app to call them during an emergency and my call was answered right away. They already knew who was calling and where I was calling from coz of the app. They immediately dispatched an ambulance to my location and patched me through to the ambulance EMT. And to my surprise, they arrived within 10 minutes.
Pamodh Alwis
10 Nov 2020

Can’t express the gratitude towards this service from the words. The response, speed, caring, everything is exceptional. Many thanks to all those who initiated this and to those who currently operate the service.

Nilushi Keenawinna
21 Jan 2021

I am grateful for this service. They answered the phone call immediately and came to our home as soon as possible. Thank you for your great service and Thank you Yakkala team for your fast response. I am appreciated your good work and keep it up!

උපුල් ජනකාන්ත ජයසිංහ මහතා

මිනිස් ජීවිත රකින 1990 සුවසැරිය කණ්ඩායම පිළිබඳව මා ආඩම්බර වන අතර එවැනි කණ්ඩායමකට නායකත්වය ලබාදීමට ලැබීම භාග්‍යයක් කොට සලකනවා